Installing a New Light Fixture

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Installing a new light fixture isn’t as difficult as it may seem. The first step is to find a beautiful light that suits your personal tastes and home décor. This can best be accomplished by visiting a large showroom with as many lighting options on display as possible. If you’re in Toronto, finding the best is as simple as a trip to the most reputable light retailer around.

Before getting started on the actual installation, you’d be wise to disconnect the power in the room via the fuse box. Test to see if the power is actually off by turning on the light. If it comes on, you’d better go check the fuse box again.

Most flush mount lighting fixtures have only two wires that need to be connected before it becomes functional. Disassemble the old light and make a note of how the wires are connected. In some homes, positive and negative wires aren’t easily identifiable. Some find it useful to mark the positive wire with a piece of tape to ensure that the right wire is connected to the right terminal on the light fixture.

Nearly all light fixtures these days have connectors that don’t need to be tightened, which means that the wires should slide right into place and lock automatically. Slide the positive wire into the terminal marked with a plus sign, then do the same for the negative wire in the negative terminal.

The next step is to attach the actual light fixture to the ceiling. This is as simple as screwing the light to the ceiling mount with the included hardware. Be sure to check that the fixture is aligned and directed as intended prior to fully tightening the screws. After that, bulbs can be installed, covers can be put in place, and you’re ready to admire your beautiful new light fixture.
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Some people assume that installing a new light fixture is a difficult task that requires bringing in a certified electrician. The simple fact is that just about anyone can install a new light fixture with ease, providing the individual is comfortable with the thought of electrical work. There are some differences between models, which make each unique, but all allow for simple installation. The first step is always to disconnect the power via the fuse box and to test that the power is actually off.

Flush Mount Lights

All flush mount style lighting fixtures are similar in the way they’re installed. The light fixture is attached to a bracket that is already attached to the ceiling. Simply remove the screws holding it in place and disconnect the power cables. Reverse the process to install the new fixture, add the bulbs and turn on the power in the room. Test the light.

Recessed Lighting

Most aspects of recessed lighting are the same as replacing flush mount fixtures. The only real difference is that the connections are hidden above the light. In most cases, the wires are long enough to attach the new light fixture outside of the hole in which the light has been recessed. In other cases, you’ll need to be ready with a flashlight to see what’s going on inside, and likely some pliers to reach the wires in question.
If you aren’t comfortable poking metal tools in a dark hole filled with electrical wires or are unsure of how to turn off the power through your fuse box, it might be advisable to call an electrician.

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